Crazygood Is The Next Evolution Of Social Networking-Join Me Today!

Hi Friend & Socializer,

I just joined this new private social network and it’s just like FB but has some awesome features that FB doesn’t have.
One of them is they actually pay you for inviting your friends to their social network.

I need your help. Do you know of any charities or churches that need funding or donations?

Please Listen To Our 24/7 Exciting Overview Calls At: 800-518-2097 and 712-432-1085 Access Code: 817250#

Please Join Us On Our Informative Conference Calls Are 3 Times Daily, Monday – Saturday at: 12 Noon EST, 11am CST,

3pm CST, 2pm CST & 9pm EST, 8pm CST. Sundays One Call At: 9pm EST, 8pm CST

Special Charities, Churches & Non Profit Organizations Call!
Mondays At: 5pm EST, 4pm CST

Join Us On Our Informative Monday Night Training Call At: 8pm EST & 7pm CST.

The Number For All Calls Above Is: 712-432-0075  Access Code: 817250#

Harvest Baptist Church on Paramore just received a check for $700.50 and will continue to get this every month because of a new social network that gives back every month to charities and churches. They have only been in the program for 2 months. If you have a charity or church that you would like to bless contact me at: 314-630-5685

Thank You.

Many Blessings.

Your Friend,
Ervin Lawson


About erv16

I Have A Passion For Helping People To Improve Their Of Life By Learning New Skills Along With Ways To Save Time, Save Money And Make Money! So Please Let Me Know How I Can Help You! To Your Savings And Success, Erv
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